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May 14, 2024 2 min read

Our hair and skin form a large part of our health and identity. How we look and feel about our appearance and being comfortable in our own skin, is part of the structure of how we believe others see us and how we see ourselves. Having beautiful skin, hair and nails doesn’t always come easily.

There are so many factors that affect our skin and hair, including hormones. They play a huge role in the health of our hair and skin. One of the scariest parts of any kind of hormonal shift, such as during menopause and peri-menopause or during times of high stress is having an excessive amount of hair loss. Hair-thinning for any woman, or man, is no joke!

Thankfully we know a lot more about how nutrients such as Collagen and Keratin work together, in a beautiful synergy, to support the body’s ability to create and heal the skin, hair, and nails. These structural proteins are essential for promoting inner health and beauty on many levels, such as through reducing inflammation, and promoting glutathione actions which in turn support tissue building and repair and providing the correct amino acids for growth and vitality.

At Abeeco we like to use the best ingredients to help you achieve your desired result. As such, the Keratin in our Collagen and Keratin supplement is KeraGEN-IV. This remarkable keratin is NZ made and has shown excellent results in many trials.

The benefits of Keratin include:

  • Boosting antioxidant defence mechanisms
  • Supplements the anti-inflammatory response
  • Promotes-
  • Stronger hair follicles- so less hair loss
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Healthy nail growth
  • Reduces-
  • Ageing stresses to the hair, skin, and nail tissue; and of the hair follicles
  • Free radical induced damage
  • Skin inflammation

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Studies show that as Keratin is the major component of the structure of hair it has an important role in the maintenance of hair in a healthy state. Keratin has shown to improve the strength, fullness, and quality of hair (Basit et al, 2018), so making it an essential nutrient as part of your hair care routine will boost your hair health and support that feeling of confidence that comes with healthy, strong, shiny, glass hair.

Abeeco’s Collagen + Keratin offers the best of both worlds in one convenient formulation that your hair and skin will love, helping you look and feel your best!



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