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June 06, 2024 3 min read

Modern life regularly puts strain on our bodies and even if we eat a well-balanced diet, it may not always provide us with the nutrients we need each day for optimal health.

Here are 10 reasons why you may benefit from taking supplements and herbs.

1: Poor eating habits and weak Digestion, such as eating quickly and insufficient chewing, can lead to incomplete breakdown of foods, affecting nutrient absorption in the digestive tract, this may result in deficiencies in nutrients such as iron, calcium, zinc, and protein. This tends to become more problematic as we age.

2: Common drinks such as Coffee, Tea, and Alcohol cause inflammation of the digestive tract and reduce digestive secretions. Alcohol puts strain on the digestive organs including the liver, affecting nutrient absorption. Fortunately the  liver can regenerate itself given the right support, Royal Jelly has been shown to positively support the liver.

3: Lifestyle choices such as Smoking and Vaping contain chemicals that are known to deplete essential nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, D, iron, magnesium, and calcium. They also irritate the digestive system, contributing to malabsorption.

4: Antibiotics and other Medications, including Laxatives and the Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP) may deplete essential nutrients, such as B vitamins, folic acid, and magnesium. Antibiotics kill harmful bacteria but also destroy beneficial bacteria needed for Vitamin B complex processes. Laxatives increase transit time through the intestines which reduces absorption and increases mineral loss.

5: Specific Diets can be lacking in essential nutrients. Diets such as vegetarian, vegan and carnivore can require careful planning to obtain all nutrients. Low nutrients can include iron, and B12. Diets high in Junk Food are absent of essential nutrients and high in saturated fats, sugars, and chemicals. Even low-calorie intake by Light Eaters and those who suffer from Food Allergies can experience nutritional deficiencies.

6: Cooking methods and Food Storage techniques such as boiling vegetables, microwaving, and freezing food can leach valuable nutrients, oxidise food and in some cases destroy their nutritional content. Also, Crop Nutrient Losses through intensive agriculture can deplete soils, unless the soil nutrients, including trace elements are regularly replaced. Forever chemicals are known endocrine disrupters. 

7: Stages in Life for when extra support is needed, for example, during times of Stress, Pregnancy, during the Menstrual phase of life and for growing Teenagers and Children. Our nutritional requirements are accelerated to accommodate for all the physical, biochemical, and emotional changes that occur. Bee Pollen capsules are a great way to provide extra support during times of growth.

8: Bio-Individuality can create variations in our nutritional needs, depending on our genetic disposition and if we start with Low Body Reserves in the first place, due to poor nutrition from birth. Exercise Regimes can also require specific nutrient requirements, for example, for body builders or high-performance athletes. Abeeco’s Ultra Collagen+ is fantastic for the busy body.

9: Accidents and Illness are a critical time for an extra boost. For example, surgery and infection increase the need for zinc, iron, and other nutrients involved in the cellular repair mechanism. Bee Pollen granules are a fantastic source of many nutrients required for recovery from illness.

10: Lack of Sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is increasing due to a hotter sun cycle with increased air pollution and longer cold seasons. Shift workers, gamers, people who are convalescing and those who avoid sunlight, are all at risk of low Vitamin D levels which can lead to weak immunity, rickets, and osteoporosis. Therefore, Lack of Sunlight can lead to the need for Vitamin D supplementation. Turmeric has been shown to positively benefit Vitamin D levels in the blood (Arabnezhad et al, 2022) so taking Abeeco’s Super Strength Turmeric supplement daily may help to enhance your Vitamin D status.

So, as you can see there are many reasons, that we may not even be aware of, to support your health by taking nutritional supplements and superfoods. How many things on the list did you relate to… perhaps it’s time for a top up!
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