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Jess Blair joins the abeeco team!

We are super excited to announce the lovely Jess Blair, nutritionist, naturopath and wellness expert, has recently joined the abeeco family as brand ambassador and resident naturopath.

Jess is of course passionate about health, but mostly she loves educating and helping people to make small changes in their lives that can make a big difference – what’s not to love!!  

Meet Jess

Bee Venom Pure Perfection

Enriched with a break-through combination of powerful immediate effect natural ingredients optimised to quickly lift, tighten and reduce the appearance of wrinkles within 15 minutes of application.

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Super Strength Turmeric 16000

Our Super Strength Turmeric 16000 is a potent formula combining the amazing natural anti-inflammatory properties of curcuminoid compounds with piperine that increases absorption, and ginger for enhanced digestion.

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Great Barrier Island Manuka Honey

We are very proud to introduce our new small batch, artisan Manuka Honey sourced from the remote, unspoilt island of Great Barrier. 

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