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Jess Blair in her kitchen with natural supplement Supabee for Energy

Supabee for Energy by Jess Blair

Introducing the new addition to our Supabee Range, specially formulated by our resident naturopath and nutritionist, Jess Blair.

"I formulated Supabee for Energy with the typical modern lifestyle in mind. Live your best life full of energy and vitality!"

- Jess Blair

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Bee Venom Pure Perfection

Enriched with a break-through combination of powerful immediate effect natural ingredients optimised to quickly lift, tighten and reduce the appearance of wrinkles within 15 minutes of application.

For a Limited Time Only

Purchase a Bee Venom Pure Perfection and receive a FREE Collagen + Bee Venom Active Day Lift!

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Our Other Brand

We are also the proud owners of Manuka Honey of NZ - a one stop shop for all things containing New Zealand’s Unique Manuka Honey.

With over 1000 products containing Manuka Honey across categories ranging from skin health, supplements, confectionery, wound care, throat lozenges and lots more! Go to 

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