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June 18, 2024 2 min read

If skin care ingredients are natural then why do they have such complicated names?

Skin care products often contain herbal and organic ingredients that are described in Latin or botanical terms. This can make it a little frustrating when trying to decipher a product’s ingredients list in layman’s terms, however it does show that the product is following the correct and internationally recognised INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient) system. This system is used around the globe to ensure consistency and clarity across ingredients.

What ingredients should I watch out for when selecting a skincare product?

The 3 main things you should look out for when considering a product are:

Paraben FREE

Parabens are preservatives used to protect the integrity and shelf life of a product. If a product isn’t preserved properly then harmful bacteria can form, but not all preservatives are the same. Some have more downsides than up. The names to watch out for are- Methyl- Ethyl- Propyl- Isopropyl- Butyl. It is important to avoid these as they are known endocrine disruptors, meaning they can affect the hormonal and reproductive systems. Fortunately there are natural alternatives.

All Abeeco skincare products are Paraben FREE.

Natural Fragrance 

Our senses delight when we find a fragrance we like. However, not all fragrances are what they appear to be. Synthetic fragrances are often used to enhance the life of a particular smell, such as “rose scented” instead of rose oil. Synthetics are also endocrine disruptors and can irritate the skin. It can be a minefield working out if a scent is synthetic as there are no rules around this.

Be assured that here at Abeeco we only use Natural Fragrances (or no fragrance) in all our skincare products

Phthalate FREE 

These nasties are a common chemical that are used to keep plastic durable, flexible and long lasting. They are also endocrine disruptors, and impact immunity and worsen asthma and eczema. Unfortunately they have found their way into food containers, plastic wrap and somehow, into our skin, hair and body products. They are even in synthetic fragrances.

Rest assured that all Abeeco skincare products are Phthalate FREE

What types of packaging does Abeeco use in skincare?

Eco-Conscious Packaging: 

Here at Abeeco, we are deeply committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our packaging is thoughtfully designed with eco-friendly materials, and always, where possible, recyclable. We're constantly striving to improve and find even more sustainable solutions to ensure a greener future for everyone. Thank you for joining us on this journey toward a healthier planet.