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February 25, 2022 2 min read

Here at Abeeco we really love our ancient herbs and it’s no surprise to us when they get some mainstream evidence based recognition. People have used Ashwagandha for thousands of years to relieve stress and anxiety, increase energy levels, and improve concentration.  Ashwagandha is a key ingredient in our Supabee for Energy.

ladywithsupplement Ashwagandha And It's Amazing Benefits

An article on recently listed 9 Proven Health Benefits of Ashwagandha and we couldn't agree more with the findings.

A few things that really stood out to us:

“Several studies have shown that ashwagandha supplements may help relieve stress and anxiety.”

“Research has shown that ashwagandha may have beneficial effects on athletic performance and may be a worthwhile supplement for athletes.”

“Some evidence suggests that ashwagandha may help reduce symptoms of other mental health conditions, including depression, in certain populations.”

“Ashwagandha supplements have been shown in some studies to benefit male fertility and increase testosterone levels.”

“Taking ashwagandha may benefit cognitive function.”

“Many people take ashwagandha to promote restful sleep, and some evidence suggests it may help with sleep issues.”

Wow! This ancient herb covers some pretty key areas of health, from stress and anxiety to cognitive function and sleep.  It appears that overall, most people would benefit from adding ashwagandha to their daily health regime.

Source and for the full article go here 

We have you covered with our Supabee for Energy formula with a high concentration of ashwagandha. 


Ashwagandha And It's Amazing Benefits


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