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August 21, 2018 4 min read

I'm a bit excited about  Abeeco but I have to admit that I'd only recently heard about this company but had never actually tried their products.  So when they approached Jay and I to give them a go I was really curious...and I have to say the effect it has had on me the last 3 months is amazing!

Abeeco has come along way since it started as a mail order company in 1996 with the original bee pollen supplement. Growing over the years to add more supplements and eventually expanding  to skin care in 2011, which happened to coincide with reports of Kate Middleton using bee venom masks in the lead up to her wedding. As we all know by now, what those royal ladies like to use is closely adopted with  products cleared from the shelves faster than you can imagine. So safe to say I was intrigued to for Jay and I to start trialing some of these NZ made products over the next few months.

One of their hero products and the one I was most excited to start trying for a number of reasons was the Supabee for Women or Men. What got me so excited you wonder? Well, two things, among NZ Bee Pollen, Ginseng and Vitamin B6 (which all affect energy and vitality) it has Wild Yam in this product. Wild Yam is a hormone balancer, making that time of the month much easier on someone like myself who suffers Endometriosis and to help keep my hormones that are all over the show at bay. Secondly, quell your teenage like giggles for this one, but it has Horny Goat Weed in it. Yip, you read that right, the most ridiculous name of an herb ever but completely literal. It’s a natural libido enhancer used for hundreds of years by the Chinese and said to have got its name as a goat herder noticed that in a certain field with this herb the goats were rather, what can I say…horny!

It’s something not often talked about during pregnancy and afterwards, not sure why we are ashamed to speak up about it, but a lot of women lose their sex drive after children for a number of reasons and whilst mine has come back over the years, I’m not shy to admit that it definitely ebbs and flows and something I can attest to changing when my Endo seems to flare up. So Jay and I have spent the last almost three months taking these daily. How has the Horny Goat Weed gone? I kid (had to insert a bad goat pun) you not we have really noticed the positive effects in that department. Rather than highs and lows and feeling all out of whack during that time of the month everything seems to have really balanced out and in one area (wink wink) amped up. 

Not only that but I feel like my PMS symptoms have really diminished. Even just as of today I can hand on my heart say it’s really surprised me just how well it has worked. Without being TMI, when I got my period just this morning it was totally unexpected. So much so I had to look twice when I was in the bathroom this morning. Why is a monthly period so unexpected you wonder? Well during ovulation and in the weeks leading up to my period I can ALWAYS tell it is on its way as it's painful and I really get all over the place with my moods - aka slight crazy woman. That's why I have never tracked my period as I can usually pinpoint its arrival by a day or two by how I start feeling in the lead up to it. This month, literally nothing. We have been so busy I hadn’t even been keeping an eye on the date, but even when that's happened in the past I get the warning by the way my uterus and hormones like to wreak havoc on my poor body, mind and soul. So there you have it, I already had noticed great improvements in that area over the last few months, but I’m so glad I didn’t write this blog until today as it’s literally been the biggest thumbs up my body could have given Supabee. To say I’m bloody stoked is an understatement! I’ll just be over here enjoying my for once, “easy" period and knowing my family will be delighted they don’t have a highly strung wife and mama to deal with for a week. Stay tuned as we will be trialing a few of their beautiful products over the next few months. Check out their website and if there is something, in particular, you want me to review and give you my thoughts on then slide into my DM and I’ll make it happen. 

Check out Supabee for Women and Supabee for Men. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you give it a try for yourself. 

This post is sponsored as Jay and I are ambassadors for abeeco's unique supplements and we stand by these products 100% and opinions are our own.