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April 08, 2019 4 min read

"Omg where to start, this is a must now! Been religiously taking for a little over 3 months and the results are amazing. Combined with a HFLC diet my pcos is under control as my hormones have balanced never thought I could feel this good! Skin better, hair better, life better! Weight loss is easier and my energy is sky high. Love so much😊💜🌸 "

"This product has changed my life.  It gives me the energy I need living a busy life with work, kids and gym. This product really helps my energy levels and totally helps with that time of month, no more mood swings - winning."

"Supabee has changed my life, best thing I ever tried. I feel so much better and balanced."

With amazing feedback like this we wanted to shine a spotlight on our Supabee for Women and explain exactly what it is, what makes it so special and why everybody's talking about it!

Supabee for Womenis a 100% natural formula that's been around for more than 20 years, comprised of NZ bee pollen, herbs and vitamins that work together to help balance the hormones, boost energy levels and support mood and libido. Reduced menstrual pain, more energy, feeling level-headed, healthier skin and hair, easier weight loss, better sleep, less anxiety and no more mood swings - these things can be life changing and crucial for women’s health!

If you’re thinking of taking supplements to balance hormones, then you probably have a lot of questions in mind. That’s why we have asked our naturopath Jess Blair to answer your most commonly asked questions about Supabee for Women. Check out what she had to say...


When is the best time to take the capsules? With or without food? 
Taking the capsules with food is best. Time of day is personal preference however taking them in the morning allows you to get that energy boost for the rest of the day.

When will I notice if it’s working?  
You should have a noticeable difference in some symptoms within two weeks, especially with emotions and stress levels, however we recommend taking it for a few cycles to see the greater impact. 

How can women with PMS benefit?
The ingredient Wild Yam is a muscle and nerve relaxant and is believed to have anti-spasmodic properties which is great news for those that suffer abdominal cramps and chronic pelvic pain. For those annoying mood swings Vitamin B6 works as a mood regulator and can help with feelings of anxiety, depression and irritability and also helps prevent an imbalance of progesterone which can be the cause of PMS. 

Is Supabee only for menstruating women?
Supabee is suitable for women of menstruating age, however women in perimenopause and menopause may still find it beneficial as Wild Yam and Siberian Ginseng are great for those in that stage. Other recommendations for women in peri or menopause include Magnesium, Vitamin D, B Vitamins, and Evening Primrose. 

Can women contemplating pregnancy benefit?
Those wanting to fall pregnant can benefit from having the healthy, balanced hormones required for conception. For preconception make sure you are also taking a healthy dose of folate. Remember to stop taking Supabee as soon as you know you are pregnant. 

How can Supabee for Women help after childbirth?
Hormone levels change dramatically during pregnancy and postpartum and you may wonder when you will start feeling 'normal' again. You can start taking Supabee as soon as you are finished breastfeeding to help get those hormones balanced. With a new baby it's likely you will be feeling more tired than usual and this is where the NZ Bee Pollen helps by improving energy levels and boosting immunity. If you are finding that you are struggling with intimacy and getting those feelings of desire back that you had before baby, the ingredient Horny Goat Weed can help increase libido. 

How can women in perimenopause benefit?
Common symptoms of menopause include mood swings, fatigue, hot flushes and night sweats and a lower sex drive. Siberian Ginseng has been proven to help reduce the occurrence and severity of hot flushes and night sweats, Bee Pollen can help combat fatigue, Vitamin B6 can alleviate mood swings and Horny Goat Weed can improve libido. If you are currently on any other medication please seek advice from your health care professional. 

Can I take this while on medication?
There are some medications that interact with herbs, if you are unsure please ask your health care provider or ask Jess who will be able to help. 

Can I take Supabee while taking other supplements?
We don't want to overload the body by taking more than we need, so taking too many supplements at once is not ideal. If you want to check just let Jess know what you are already taking and she can help.

Can I take Supabee if I have asthma? 
Yes you can, if you have any adverse side effects stop immediately and speak to your health care professional. 

Can you take Supabee or any other bee pollen product if you have a bee sting allergy? 
Short answer: Bee venom and bee pollen are very different. There is no bee venom in bee pollen so most people who are allergic to bee stings can still take bee pollen no trouble at all. However, it is possible (but rare) to have an allergy to the protein from the bee in which case you’ll likely react to any bee by-product, including bee pollen, honey, bee venom etc.

Our Supabee Range have been helping New Zealanders live their best lives for over 20 years. Allergy problems have been rare throughout this time. We would always recommend starting on a low dose if you have any concerns and always consult with your healthcare professional if unsure.

Where does the Bee Pollen in this product come from?
The bee pollen in all of our products is 100% New Zealand sourced! 


Learn more about abeeco's Supabee for Women here. 



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