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It really gives me the energy I was lacking as a perimenopausal female..

Thank you so much for the great review. We assume you are referring to the bee pollen capsules purchased. Thank you again for the review :)

perfect gift

this is such a cute gift, got this for my aunt on mother’s day, she loved it! great customer service too 😊

Beautiful gift

I brought this for my Mum & it was sent directly to her for Mothers Day. Arrived in time & was packaged beautifully. She loved it, beautiful selection of quality products.

Supabee for Energy
Michelle G.
Super Bee for energy

A great product and have definately seen and felt the change taking them. Especially in my teenage daughters. They feel it has helped their focus and stress levels

Ultra Collagen+
Rebecca D.
Great product, not so sure about the flavour

I purchased this product as I had a facial skin condition that meant I couldn’t use creams or product on my face.
I have found this to be amazing! I’ve noticed that my skin is smoother, my hair is more lush. I also love that it doubles as a multivitamin and helps with energy and joint mobility!
My one downfall is the flavour. I have tried it in so many different ways but it’s just not my favourite.
I will still take it for the amazing benefits, just in about 100mls of water (down in a couple of gulps)!

Anyone who has poor circulation and suffers cold hands and toes

This pill works wonders. Taken once in the morning I immediately feel the difference in my circulation.

Gift in a Cup - For Her

Delighted with product as per usual

Manuka Honey is just the best!

When I run out of my Manuka Honey, other Honeys are just not good enough.

I am noticing a difference already and I am still on my first bottle. So very happy!

Gout Care and Abeeco

Great product and have been using it for years. Overall Abecco is outstanding, had a few issues over years not due to them but courier which is outside their control but they have gone way above and beyond in all times, comfortably one of the best customer service teams in the country! Highly recommend product and company!!!!

Natural toothpaste

Love this toothpaste. Normal pastes were not agreeing with my mouth - it started with excessive dryness, an awful taste and finally mouth ulcers regularly- nothing bad happening with this toothpaste, so I’m very happy. The taste is great.

Manuka Honey enriched with NZ Bee Pollen

I still pending the goods

Hi Minco, Thank you for your review. The delivery option you selected was New Zealand post which allows up to 25 day for delivery as stated on our website. This review was within that timeframe and we understand from New Zealand post that it has now been delivered. However I understand a refund has also been granted as the delivery timeframe was not to your satisfaction. In future, we do have faster delivery options which might be better for you. Thank you again for your review and we do hope you still get to enjoy your products.

Super Strength Turmeric 16000

Energy plus

Lately I’ve lacked energy & decided to try this product for the first time. After a few days of 2 tablets a day I felt less lethargic. My energy & stress levels have improved. I will continue to take this product.

Definitely recommended

My mother used to have hay fever, but now, thanks to this product, her hay fever has lessened. The product is so rich in healthy ingredients that it is called a natural antibacterial substance. These ingredients work to prevent aging and memory loss, reduce symptoms of colds and hay fever, and have a wide range of other benefits. I think this is a wonderful product.

The best!

UltraResVeritrol + OQ10 used along with Bee Pollen and Ultra Collagen are the ultimate products for anti aging and skin radiation. Barb

I could not use on my cat's head wound, as it was a lot stickier than a gel. More a liquid honey, which he would have rubbed all over my house. I use Manuka based products myself, and know how good they are, but had hoped to also use on my cat. Would need to be in an area I could cover up.

Bee Venom + Glucosamine Capsules

Night firming cream

Brilliant moisturiser for sensitive skin

Gout Care Formula
Lucas S.

Very fast delivery . Product definitely helps reduce flare ups and length of flare ups ..

Queens food

Great support and supplement

Pure Perfection Extra-Firming Body Cream

Firming night cream

Great product definitely will keep using this product because have noticed the different in my neck area. Also the service from Abeeco is fantastic.