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May 27, 2019 4 min read

Go into any random store and look at the magazines and you’ll see row after row of publications aimed at middle-aged women: how a woman should approach menopause, how she can learn to love her body, which health checks she should have, and so on. Not only that, women are often better at expressing their emotions, taking care of their health, and seeking advice both from friends and physicians. For women, there’s a sea of information available at our fingertips. But for middle-aged men, the situation can be quite different. There seems to be less information available, and some men still believe taking care of their body and mind is not a priority. 

As the nights are getting longer and colder, it’s the perfect time to keep on top of your health and snuggle with your partner. Read on to get all the info you need to improve intimacy and quality of life.

1) Quit Smoking and/or Vaping.

The negative effects of smoking and vaping are wide and varied; from a weakened immune system, low energy and cancer risk to reduced libido, impaired sexual performance and an overall negative impact on quality of life. The evidence is clear. It's never been a better time to quit. Your health is important, for you, your family and friends. Support for starting the next phase of your life smoke free include; Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy, or visit for further information.

2) Get to know your prostate

Many men will experience problems with their prostate at some point in their life, whether that manifests as a constant need to urinate, or something more severe, it is one of the glands specific to men that warrents extra attention.  Taking care of this important gland will help you immensely as you age. Consume a diet that is rich in vegetables, berries and fish and smaller amounts of red meat and dairy foods, taking zinc and turmeric supplements may also help. A specialised prostate supplement like abeeco’s Prostate Care Formula is also excellent for ensuring the health of your prostate.

3) Get moving 

When it comes to sexual health, the benefits of exercise are enormous. Preferred exercises include swimming, surfing, walking, and hiking, or any exercise that brings you joy. It is worth noting that cycling and horse-riding are known to irritate the prostate and are not ideal if you are experiencing prostate problems.

If you hit the gym, pay attention to your legs. Squats and leg extensions will increase blood flow to the penis and pelvic region. There are many yoga exercises specifically aimed at increasing sexual energy and erection strength, so look for them online or start regular yoga practise. 

4) Build muscle mass.

After your late 40s, you may begin to lose around 1 per cent of your muscle mass every year due to the natural decline in testosterone. This can lead to weakened posture, stiff joints, and possibly even heart disease or diabetes. You can help to reduce this through resistance training – but be sensible, you will likely get the best results by doing a little weight training every day. Supabee for Men+ contains a variety of herbs and nutrients that may support healthy testosterone levels.

5) Do all you can to reduce stress and depression 

Life in middle age can be especially stressful. Often people have reached a stage where they are simultaneously raising children and caring for ageing parents as well as managing work pressures and all the other commitments that come with modern life.

There are many ways to manage stress, begin by eating a diet rich in whole foods, and eliminating processed foods, reduce alcohol intake if relevant, and ensure you have adequate sleep each night. Aim for a healthy work/life balance, find a hobby, such as fishing, that gives you positive endorphins or you may find a course in mindfulness meditation is helpful. There are many types of stress, a certain level of stress is what drives us to keep moving forward each day, but keeping a healthy balance is paramount. Think of stress as a fire in dry grass: create a barrier of protection that stops it stress from burning out of control in your life. Our Supabee for Energy formula is excellent for helping your body to adapt to and handle stress in an effective way.

6) Change your diet 

We are what we eat. There has never been a truer statement. By cleaning up your diet and letting food be your medicine you will improve your health, outlook and increase your ability to live a life full of energy and vigour. The Mediterranean diet is an antioxidant rich approach to food that is delicious and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. Removing processed foods and eating only fresh, organic foods will change your life. 

By changing your diet you will notice huge benefits; energy levels will rise, sleeping patterns will improve, mood will lighten, and sexual energy will increase. 

7) Have more sex

Healthy consensual sex boosts your physical and psychological health. Life can get busy, and often our sex lives take a nose dive through middle age. Setting aside time for physical intimacy is just as important as making sure you enjoy a good diet and exercise. Focusing on quality time can have huge benefits for our relationships, which then flows into other areas of our lives.

Many people have the best sex of their lives into their middle age and beyond. Taking time to hug, kiss, and massage your partner can help intimacy to grow in a positive way. If you would like extra support in this area, a natural supplement like abeeco’s Supabee for Men can make a huge difference in terms of libido as well as erection health.

Every stage of life has its own unique process. Enjoy!