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January 16, 2023 2 min read

Most of us already know that nature provides us with an incredible source of health and beauty benefits, but you may not know there’s something living deep underwater than can take your anti-aging skincare regime to the next level!

Queue in seaweed! 

Yip you heard it right. Brimming with powerful nutrients and nourishing vitamins like Vitamin A, B12, C and E, seaweed is a cocktail of goodness that helps fights free radicals, increase cell turnover and keeps your skin firm and radiant.

But there’s one type of seaweed that deserves some special attention: the Artic Winged Kelp - Alaria Esculenta – aka JUVENESSENCE™

The Artic Winged Kelp - Alaria Esculenta – aka JUVENESSENCE™


Found in the Northern Hemisphere’s glacial waters, this remarkable kelp extract has been extensively studied for its incredible reverse-ageing effects. It’s well known for its ability to withstand extreme conditions, radical temperatures and sea pressure, making for one powerhouse ingredient. It’s no wonder that skincare experts & beauty gurus alike have fallen head over heels for this plant!

So what does one need to know about this amazing kelp Alaria Esculenta or JUVENESSENCE™ and its benefits for the skin?

Well here’s the short list:
  • Juvenessence is proven to help boost cellular activity leading to significant increases in skin firmness and elasticity after only 4 weeks.

  • It’s an anti-aging active ingredient that is a down regulator of progerin for mature skin: -79%.

  • It acts as a firming, anti-wrinkle, detoxifying, anti-pollution, and photo-aging protection agent.

  • It is made up of a web of elastic fibers which ensures cohesion and firmness of all the cell architecture.

  • It assures a detoxifying action through proteasome stimulation.

  • It is a skin protector that reverses the age effects and is an ideal ingredient for anti aging skincare.

  • It’s oil soluble, preservative free and compliant with Ecocert, Cosmos , & RSPO certified.

As for specifics… In Vivo study results after 1 month were impressive* :

Elasticity: +20%
Firmness: +25%
Self evaluation: improves firmness: 90%
Decreases the depth of wrinkles: 80% of volunteers

The benefits of JUVENESSENCE in anti-aging skincare


But don’t just take science at its word. Try it for yourself in our new pure perfection ultra-firming body cream and collagen + bee venom Night Cream – both staring this amazing ingredient!