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July 21, 2020 3 min read

“Beautiful skin starts from within”  - a quote we’ve loved and voiced for years here at abeeco.  Yes, what you put on your skin is vitally important which is why we set out and created our own range of natural skincare 10 years ago to complement our supplements and vitamins range.  Our goal has always been to create products that nourish our bodies, support healing and regeneration and help us feel and look good no matter what stage of life we are at.

That’s where collagen supplementation comes in. 

Collagen is a structural protein that makes up almost 80 per cent of our skin and gives us our nice, firm complexions while we are young.   As collagen is lost through the natural aging process and due to external factors like sun exposure, smoking and high sugar diets, it is important to replenish it naturally from within.

If you google the benefits of collagen supplementation there is an abundance of articles and clinical studies available to scroll through and read. 

PubMed (a reliable source created by the national library of medicine) did a short and sweet review of several clinical studies and their findings:
“Preliminary results are promising for the short and long-term use of oral collagen supplements for wound healing and skin aging. Oral collagen supplements also increase skin elasticity, hydration, and dermal collagen density. Collagen supplementation is generally safe with no reported adverse events.”

Click here for the full report.

For a non-cosmetic skin treatment, to keep skin youthful, we believe taking a collagen supplement via powder or pill form is the best way to support our skin as it ages.

Still undecided? See below what our customers are saying about our collagen supplements. 

Marine Collagen + Keratin Capsules

“Love this product. My hair is regrowing healthier after a very stressful time. Lots of new baby hair growing which causes flyaway hair but that’s awesome! Nails are also getting stronger. I haven’t had split nails since taking this product. Would definitely recommend to anyone!"   Kelly-Christchurch

My husband the same as many other NZ males had his ears exposed to our harsh sunlight & hence nasty lesions appeared and would not heal. Many treatments have been done with the suggestion that surgery would be the next step. However after the last treatment he started taking the Collagen + Keratin along with your Turmeric 16000. Two weeks later his ear has completely healed revealing healthy new skin. It couldn’t have been anything else but your supplements that have helped the healing process, as it was the only thing he’s changed in the last two weeks. We are of course delighted, and the surgery has now been cancelled.”  Joan-Auckland

“I have been taking this product for 1 year now and absolutely love it!! I have totally noticed a difference to my hair, it's so much softer and healthier which is great for me as I dye my hair. My nails are a lot stronger and grow quicker! The skin on my face feels a lot softer and is now smooth to touch and I'm pretty sure my wrinkles are less visible. If I do get a pimple around that time of the month it seems to heal and go away quicker. These product is now part of my daily routine and I wouldn't be without it!”  Heather-Whangarei 


Ultra Collagen Powder

“I've been taking Ultra Collagen for nearly 3 months now. My nails are so strong and growing fast. My hair is regenerating quickly. So much new hair! Highly recommend it!”   June-Invercargill 

“I've been using this product for about a month and already am seeing visible results in my nails and hair. Also my skin is clearer and feeling pretty good overall. Would highly recommend.”  Suzanne-Auckland

“I started using this product a month ago and not only is my skin clearer but the bags and dark circles under my eyes have gone, I would highly recommend this product it works in amazing with my busy life style.”  Joc-Tauranga


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