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September 27, 2018 2 min read

Spring has officially sprung, but not all of us are springing out of bed full of energy to conquer the warmer days. Sure, your daily morning coffee gives you a quick caffeine boost (and who doesn’t love a good cuppa?) but it’s not exactly the most sustainable source of energy available. So how do we improve our energy levels naturally without relying so much on caffeinated, sugary or processed drinks or food?

The answer is, of course, in nature. Here at abeeco, we know that it can be difficult to get all those natural energy boosters into our diet, so we’ve formulated a number of natural health supplements to ensure you’re getting the necessary nutrients you need to live a dynamic and exciting life. Here are some great natural options to give you that extra boost:



Hang on, what? Isn’t collagen for skin and joint health? Yes, all of abeeco’s collagen products are formulated to improve joint and skin health. The Ultra Collagen+ formula particularly packs a punch, by not only improving our skin, joints, hair and nails, but by also assisting in muscle recovery, digestion and weight loss. 

But collagen not only provides a physical boost, but also a mental one. Any improvements in our physical well-being or appearance can have a great impact on how we feel about ourselves, bolstering our self-esteem from the inside-out to draw out motivation, inspiration and confidence that helps us push ourselves further. Whether this is at work or at the gym, feeling great about ourselves can give us the mental energy we need to conquer any challenge.



Resveratrol is a wonder compound naturally found in the skin of grapes, and scientists have discovered that it appears to trigger a normally dormant longevity gene. This gene activates the body’s natural genetic defences against a host of diseases, and provides a number of health benefits that are similar to those we get from working out: improved physical performance, better heart function, and increased muscle strength. While it’s certainly not an exercise substitute; it’s a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. 

For better physical health, abeeco’s Ultra Resveratrol contains a unique combination of resveratrol and CoQ10, both working in harmony to support cardiovascular health and boost energy levels. As it helps to look after your heart it helps reduce inflammation and lower bad cholesterol levels.


Horny Goat Weed

Surely, this must be one of the funniest name for a plant. And as the name suggests, horny goat weed will bring excitement to your bedroom, but passionate performance isn’t all it’s good for. Horny goat weed is great for amplifying our overall physical energy levels as it can help increase blood flow. Icariin, its main active compound, has been shown in studies to support the nerves throughout the body, making it great for combating both mental and physical fatigue.

Supabee for Men+and Supabee for Women both contain horny goat weed and high-quality NZ bee pollen for sustained energy and vitality, whether that’s to give you energy to wake up in the morning or to keep you going at night!

Ready for an energy boost? Shop the exclusive Energy range of natural supplements from abeeco online today!