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NEW Supabee for Men+

90 caps (1 month supply)

Energy, Maximum Effect & Performance

  • Libido, Stamina & Improved Energy  
  • Increases Testosterone Levels
  • Healthy Sexual Performance & Confidence 
  • A High Potency 100% Natural Formulation 

 Getting hard shouldn't be hard. A healthy and natural aspect of life.

Supabee for Men+ has been formulated to support regular and healthy erections by blending the trusted effectiveness of our original Supabee for Men formula with 3 additional potent natural ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris, Maca Extract and Avena Sativa.

Experience the ultimate effectiveness with this advanced blend. 

The unique combination of Tribulus Terrestris, Maca Extract & Horny Goat Weed work in harmony to support healthy testosterone levels, stronger erections & overall sexual health. The addition of Zinc, Siberian Ginseng, Bee Pollen & Avena Sativa helps boosts energy, stamina & endurance.

Together these natural ingredients provide maximum potency and effectiveness to support your total body well-being.

 Please note: This formula does not work immediately like the famous little blue pill (for example.) Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca Extract & Avena Sativa are all well known and researched ingredients that are a natural 'tonic-type" herbal supplement, not a stimulant. In other words, the effects will be noticed over time. Consistent and regular use supports normal healthy erections and libido, energy, stamina and stress relief. Results may vary from person to person. 

Key Natural Ingredients

Horny Goat Weed. Icariin, the active compound found in horny goat weed (Epimedium), has been studied for its potential benefits in improving men's sexual health and overall well-being. Here are some of the ways icariin in horny goat weed can help men:

  1. Improving Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Icariin may help improve ED by increasing the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the body. NO is a signaling molecule that helps to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow, including to the penis. This can result in improved erectile function and stronger, longer-lasting erections.
  2. Boosting Testosterone levels: Icariin may also help to increase testosterone levels in men. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is important for maintaining sexual function, muscle mass, and bone density.
  3. Enhancing Sexual Desire and Performance: Some studies suggest that icariin may help to increase sexual desire and improve overall sexual performance. This may be due in part to the increased blood flow to the pelvic area, which can enhance sexual pleasure and improve the ability to achieve and maintain an erection.
  4. Reducing Fatigue and Improving Mood: Icariin may also have a positive effect on energy levels and mood, helping to reduce fatigue and improve overall well-being. It has been suggested that icariin may act as an adaptogen, helping the body to better handle stress and improve overall vitality.

Tribulus Terrestris is a herbal supplement commonly used for its potential to enhance testosterone levels, which can contribute to increased muscle mass, strength, and libido. Some studies suggest that Tribulus Terrestris may improve erectile function and sexual health by boosting nitric oxide production and increasing blood flow to the penis.

Maca extract contains a variety of bioactive compounds, including amino acids, fatty acids, and alkaloids, which may have various health benefits. These benefits may include increased energy and stamina, improved mood and mental clarity, and enhanced sexual function.

Avena Sativa is believed to improve sexual function by increasing blood flow to the genital area, promoting the release of testosterone, and reducing stress and anxiety. It contains compounds that help to relax the body, improve mood, and increase libido. Additionally, Avena Sativa has been shown to enhance overall vitality and energy levels, which can positively impact sexual health.

New Zealand Bee Pollen is traditionally used to support good all round health & vitality. In addition, according to international nutritionist Sarah Flower, Bee Pollen is a natural food that can get you in the mood - supporting your sex drive, boosting your confidence, giving you sustainable energy, increasing your endurance and relieve stress, It also has a positive effect on sperm count and is even believed to increase fertility.

Siberian Ginseng may be effective in the treatment of erectile problems. Ginseng has traditionally been used to increase libido and normal response to sexual stimulation among healthy people. It is also used as an adaptogen to fight against stress and fatigue, for increased endurance and memory improvement, as well as for overall well-being.

Zinc is an essential mineral playing an important role in supporting optimal levels of testosterone, brain function, immune health and antioxidant enzymes.


What’s the main difference between Supabee for Men + andSupabee for Men Original?:
Supabee for Men Original is a men's multivitamin for all round good health with the inclusion of Horny Goat Weed for improved sexual function. With the addition of Tribulus Terrestris, Maca Extract & Avena Sativa, Supabee for Men + is an advanced natural men's formulation for maximum testosterone, libido and performance enhancement. 

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Epimedium Grandiflorum/ Sagittatum Extract (Horny Goat Weed) (Equivalent to fresh leaf 1500mg)

Tribulus Terrestris Extract (Puncture Vine) (Equivalent to fresh herb 750mg),

Eleutherococcus Senticosus Extract (Siberian Ginseng) (Equivalent to fresh root 375mg),

Avena Sativa Extract (Green Oat) (Equivalent to fresh herb 250mg),

New Zealand Bee Pollen 220mg,

Lepidium Meyenii Extract (Maca) (Equivalent to fresh root 200mg),

Zinc Chelate (Providing elemental Zinc 4mg).

Encapsulating Aids.

Take 3 capsules daily or as professionally recommended.


Seek professional health advice if suffering from a medical condition or taking medication before supplementing.

May cause reaction in allergy sufferers.

Keep out of reach of children.

Q: What’s the difference between Supabee for Men+ and the Original Supabee for Men?

A: Supabee for Men Original is a potent men's multivitamin for all round good health with the inclusion of Horny Goat Weed for improved sexual function. With the addition of Tribulus Terrestris, Maca Extract & Avena Sativa, Supabee for Men + is an advanced men's formulation for maximum testosterone, libido and performance enhancement.

Q: Can I take the original Supabee for Men and the NEW Supabee for men together?

A: While it is possible to combine both formulas, the additional advantages gained are limited. We advise selecting the formula that aligns most closely with your specific requirements for optimal results.

Q: Is this safe to take long term. 

A: A totally natural supplement. For best outcomes, we suggest incorporating this product into your long-term routine for good health and wellbeing.  Consistently and routinely using it can promote healthy erections, enhance libido, boost energy and stamina, and provide stress relief. Individual results may differ.


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    Garth a.

    I Am in good shape for 89..Delivery was excellent within 24 hours

    Kevin H.
    I feel better than ever!

    I’m taking this product to keep my testosterone levels healthy naturally without relying on medication. The benefits are great as I have more energy and an overall sense of wellbeing.